Guilty about letting people down

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Do you ever feel guilty about letting people down? This has come up a lot in my practice recently. Several people have been wrestling with how to stay on track with their goals without letting others down. Each person knew they should decline what was on offer because it simply didn't fit with their current needs [...]

Expressing Emotions

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Are you uncomfortable expressing emotions? Do you find it challenging when other people express theirs? Do you believe certain emotions shouldn't be expressed in public? I was working with a group of public speakers last week and the topic of expressing emotions came up. We broadly fell into two camps: The first group argued that expressing [...]

Talking about what you do

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Do you sometimes struggle to put into words what you do? Does the question, "So, what do you do?" ever catch you off guard? Would you like to be able to consistently communicate the value of what you do to others in a way that doesn't feel 'icky'? Whether you're kicking off an inter-departmental meeting, introducing [...]

What makes you cry with joy?

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I went to see a show last week. It was good. Really good. It was written by one of my favourite composers and the cast was outstanding. The best I've ever seen. The songs are beautiful and very moving, but coupled with these singers—who performed with incredible skill and ease—the show was lifted to a whole [...]

Whose life is it anyway?

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A client of mine was exhausted by the expectations put upon him and frustrated by the lack of time he had for himself.  He’d been to medical school and had worked hard to climb high in his career, buy a nice house and provide for his children.  From the outside he seems to have it all.  [...]

Your Authentic Self

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Last month I went to a conference for women in business. The first speaker was unapologetically inappropriate and shamelessly suggestive. She was brilliant — and really inspiring. She was confident (not arrogant) and funny (in a self-deprecating way). She was every woman, in that she said out loud the sort of things most of us think, [...]