How to Maximise Holiday Down Time

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The festive season is a great time to switch off, wind down, and enjoy the company of friends, family and self. Unlike other times in the year when we might take some much-needed time out, there's a cultural expectation to not be working. Usually (not always), this leads to fewer intrusions from the outside world in [...]

December Slow Down

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Are you about ready for a December slow down? We're in the final month of the year, the holidays make it a short month, 3 weeks of coasting seem like a good idea, right? Wrong! (Well, we're all different, so if you know a December slow down works for you, then go for it. I'm not [...]

Self-image upgrade in time for Christmas

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“I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but I'm really dreading Christmas.  My family still treat me like I'm a kid.  Worse, I then start acting like one.” Reverting to old behaviours is something most of us can identify with. As adults, we might have ceased behaving in a certain way because we've grown up.  Trouble [...]

Embracing Change: the New Normal

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Client: “I’ve had a really, really crap week—I’ve been crying almost constantly and I’m exhausted.” Me: “Congratulations! Woohoo! Good job!” At first glance, this probably seems deeply unsympathetic—someone’s been going through a tough time and I’m cheering them on, smiling and laughing. But I meant it when I congratulated this talented business woman. She’d been working on some [...]

Flexible and Resilient vs. Rigid and Breakable

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Dear Santa, this Christmas will you please make me more flexible? I don’t mean flexible in the yoga sense; I mean the ability to go with the flow and bounce back. Having recently moved house and being in the midst of building work I’m reminded on an almost daily basis of how inflexible I can be. [...]