Perfection paralysis

Talking about what you do

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Do you sometimes struggle to put into words what you do? Does the question, "So, what do you do?" ever catch you off guard? Would you like to be able to consistently communicate the value of what you do to others in a way that doesn't feel 'icky'? Whether you're kicking off an inter-departmental meeting, introducing [...]

Paralysed by Perfection

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Is perfection something that you strive for? Do you like to have everything ‘just so’ before taking action? Does it drive you crazy when something isn’t completely perfect? Striving for perfection can be a double-edged sword.  On the one hand it drives us to try harder and do whatever it takes to achieve our goals.  On [...]

Work-life balance dos and don’ts

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Striking a "healthy" balance between work and life can mean different things to different people. Some people thrive on being super-busy and love to respond to the increased pressure of a deadline. Research suggests that this can be healthy. However, when pressure is relentless, it can quickly become unhealthy. When thinking about your work-life balance, what [...]

Maintaining Control vs. Building Trust

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Are you someone who tends to want to control things? Do you sometimes find it challenging heading up or delegating to a team? Do you ever find yourself working long hours sucked into the minutiae of things? My clients have brought all three of these subtly different scenarios to coaching with them this month. So called [...]

The 8th Coffee Shop

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A client of mine was holding himself back from applying for a promotion… He was excited by the content of the role and the fact that it would play to his strengths, yet still stretch him.  He became animated when he talked about it and seemed genuinely enthused by the contribution he could make to the [...]

Flexible and Resilient vs. Rigid and Breakable

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Dear Santa, this Christmas will you please make me more flexible? I don’t mean flexible in the yoga sense; I mean the ability to go with the flow and bounce back. Having recently moved house and being in the midst of building work I’m reminded on an almost daily basis of how inflexible I can be. [...]