Head Space

Head Space

Do you ever get fed up with negative chatter in your own head?

Do you sometimes wish you could find some peace and quiet away from the criticism and complaining?

Fully-functional humans have a well developed protection system. I’m talking about those voices in your head who tell you off, stop you from doing things and criticise you.

In his book, True Purpose, Tim Kelley suggests we listen to these voices.  He insists that they have something useful to say and can be used to our advantage.  He describes how these internal ‘parts’ (our ‘inner team’) come in myriad shapes and sizes, each with a slightly different opinion, but all with our best interests at heart.  Here are the most common suspcts, which I think most of us can relate to:

  • Protector
  • Critic
  • Cynic
  • Image Consultant

Kelley says that whilst these different parts are working for us, very often they’re working to out-dated scripts that no longer serve us.

Your assignment:

  • How many different ‘parts’ of yourself can you name?
  • How might they be serving you (e.g. protecting you from embarassment or failure)?
  • How might they be holding you back (e.g. stopping you from playing big in an area of your life or business)?
  • How might you take notice of what these ‘inner voices’ are saying, whilst still making progress?  (e.g. how might you re-define or approach your New Year’s goals based on your new awareness?)

If you’re interested in exploring this topic in more detail (and safely), why not buy the book?

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