How to be happy

How to be happy

How to be happy? Start purring as soon as you open your eyes

We recently adopted two rescue cats. (Non-cat people, bear with me.) Brodie was pretty cool and very aloof, but Logan was scared and spent the first two weeks cowering under the bed. In the last 8 months, they’ve both come out of their shells and the normal balance of pet and owner (or more accurately, celebrity and staff) has been resumed.

Brodie is still pretty self contained and will request the odd head rub. Logan is now a proper lap cat and will stretch out purring if you stroke his tummy.

Yesterday, as he came round the corner of the sofa, he was purring loudly. He jumped up, climbed onto my lap and plonked himself down in anticipation of head rubs and tummy strokes.

It struck me that before he’d even approached the sofa, he’d decided to be happy. His purrs started way before the pleasurable strokes and attention. In advance, he’d set an intention to be happy.

Aristotle talked about eudaimonia (which loosely translates as happiness, well-being or human flourishing) and my cat appears fully committed to achieving it.

Your assignment:

  • Consider what makes you happy. What’s your ideal, happy life? Is it a high-flying career, as a lawyer, CEO or in politics? Is it a ‘Tom and Barbara’ good life of self-sufficiency? Do you long to work just six months of the year, so you can travel in the other 6? Or, is creating hand-made lampshades your idea of bliss?
  • Whatever it is, go do it. Start. It’s your life. Make a choice and go for it.
  • Set an intention to be happy.  As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, start purring in anticipation of the universe sending you something wonderful.

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