Imposter syndrome holding you back?

Imposter syndrome holding you back?

I’m about to start working on a project to help women in senior positions in corporate organisations step up their public speaking and visibility to create more impact and lead change. This both excites and terrifies me. It feels like work I was born to do, but it’s giving me the collywobbles and making me ask: “Who do I think I am, positioning myself as someone capable of delivering this powerful work?”

Does that resonate with you? Have there been times in your life or career when you’ve felt stirred and resolved to act or make a change in the world, but held yourself back because you felt too small, inexperienced, under-qualified or simply ‘not enough’ to tackle the job? Is imposter syndrome holding you back from fully expressing your brilliance?

Humans do this.

We should probably stop.

Your assignment:

  • If not you, then who?
  • If not now, then when?
  • Take a step. Complete one small action in the direction of this thing that you feel called to do.
  • Ask for help from a friend or mentor.
  • Keep going. And then keep going some more.

Passion, enthusiasm and grit often take us further and count for more than qualifications or experience. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get those things, but don’t let that prevent you from starting. And remember, God doesn’t call the qualified, she qualifies the called.

Let me know how you get on.


About the Author:

With a background in professional performing, singing teaching, marketing consultancy, public speaking, EFT and coaching, I am uniquely placed to help you improve your business performance.

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