Mindset Coaching

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Mindset Coaching

Business Success: dig deeper… go further… get there faster

  • Do you sometimes wish you felt more confident in work situations?
  • Do you want to build your career but find you hold yourself back?
  • Do you feel like you’re on the right track, but want to play ‘bigger’?

I coach people to their life’s work quickly and efficiently, one promotion at a time. I help them dig deeper (to tap their inner confidence), go further (to share their unique spark) and get there faster (so they can spend the weekend with their family).

People might come to coaching to improve their career, increase their confidence and achieve better work-life balance. They leave having taken massive action with more confidence, self-awareness, self-assurance, happiness, clarity and ease.

A lot of mindset coaching is about managing comfort zone stretches. I help you get clear on what you want—whether that’s to excel in your current work, get a promotion, or achieve better work-life balance—and then I help you take a ‘no-excuses’ approach to getting it.

I believe we each have a unique purpose in life and that (for the most part) we’re supposed to enjoy ourselves. Each of us is like a star: we all have a unique light to shine and I help people shine theirs more brightly.

So, if you want to make some changes (and shine more brightly) in your life or career, I can help with simple yet powerful coaching techniques.

What results can you expect? It depends what you put in, but typically people report the following after coaching with me:

  • More confidence
  • More self-awareness
  • More self-assurance
  • More happiness
  • More clarity
  • More ease
  • Balance—burn out is not desirable, so we don’t want you going all ‘supernova’
  • Faster, better and more sustainable results than if working alone

Bold claims? Yes, but that’s what most people say after being coached by me. And years later I receive updates from people reiterating the power of the coaching and the lasting effects of their increased confidence.

Mindset Coaching

Liz Balmford: Business Coach

As your business coach, I propel you to your own answers. Through listening, questioning, challenging and butt-kicking, I guide you to uncover your own motivations, priorities and dreams, and help you explore…

  • What you want from your career (your dreams and goals)
  • What you’re good at (your innate talents and skills)
  • What’s important to you and what you stand for (your beliefs and values)
  • What motivates you (your secret weapon)
  • What stops you (your inner gremlins)

Fuelled by this knowledge, I help you devise a plan to get where you want to be—and help you take a no excuses approach to getting there. Including how you’re going to manage the inevitable discomfort when you’re stretching your comfort zone.

For more information on mindset coaching, please contact me to discuss coaching options, sign up for my free workbook (10 Questions to Transform Your Personal Performance), or click here for some free coaching tools.