Business Coaching Programmes

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Business Coaching Programmes

My coaching programmes typically takes place over a 6 month period. In my experience it takes this long to have a lasting impact.  Any shorter and there’s a risk that any changes achieved won’t be sustained.

Broadly, there are three options, which can be flexed according to your needs:

  • FAST TRACK: this offers the best value for money and is for high achievers who want to speed up their results. This includes weekly coaching on the phone as well as hour-long monthly sessions.
  • STANDARD: this for individuals who are committed to taking action for lasting change and success. This includes a one-hour session and a 30-minutes ‘stay-on-track’ call per month.
  • PAY-AS-YOU-GO: this is for self-starters who are motivated to take consistent action to achieve their goals, there is a Pay-as-you-go option—this can work well for people who’ve already coached with me and understand the coaching process.

According to research carried out by the International Coach Federation:

“99% of people who’ve experienced coaching are satisfied with the overall experience. In fact, 96% indicated they would repeat the process given the same circumstances that prompted their seeking a coach in the first place.”

Coaching programmes increase productivity, make people generally more positive and deliver a fantastic return on investment.

For more information on my coaching programmes, please contact me to discuss options.