Public Speaking Coaching

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Presentation, Pitching and Public speaking coaching: helping you speak with confidence for impact and influence.

  • Would you rather die than speak in public?
  • Would you like to enjoy presenting for work?
  • Would confident public speaking help you build your business?

Most of us have to influence in some way through the spoken word: we’re responsible for winning new business, for engaging stakeholders, or simply reporting up the chain so that we can lay the ground for our next promotion or pay rise. Maybe you’re already doing this, but want to increase your impact and take on bigger speaking challenges.

Contact me now for a free 30-minute conversation about your speaking goals and gremlins.

Public Speaking Coaching

We might consider public speaking coaching if we were about to deliver a 1-hour keynote, but what about just chatting during the coffee break at a conference? Do we need coaching for that? Yes, probably. Because it doesn’t really matter if you’re on a big stage at a formal speaking gig, or you’re just ‘having a chat’, there’s a lot to think about:

  1. There’s the clarity of your message: from a commercial standpoint, what’s your proposition, what makes you different, what’s the value that you deliver?
  2. There’s the way that you use your voice and body—so much of our communication is non-verbal.
  3. Then there’s your mindset and intention: does this conversation feel like a privilege or a chore, are you enthusiastic about and aligned with what you’re saying, or is something a bit ‘off’? I help you connect to the ‘truth’ of your communication, so your audience gets to experience the genuine, authentic you.

Public Speaking Coaching

Contact me now for a free 30-minute conversation about your speaking goals and gremlins.

Speaking in public can be an emotional challenge: we experience nerves, fear of failure, imposter syndrome… My unique public speaking coaching process can help you become more confident—to the point where you actively enjoy it.

My structured approach can help you work through the what, why, who and how of your communication, leading to more clarity and greater confidence. Whether you’re delivering 1-hour keynote, a 30-second networking pitch or just chatting to a potential client over coffee, my public speaking coaching can help you express yourself confidently for maximum impact and influence. I can help you manage your public speaking nerves, build your conficence, clarify your content and increase youre impact.

My background is in marketing communications, business coaching and voice teaching. These might sound random and disparate, but there’s an overlap, which is my sweet spot! I connect vocal communication to commercial impact, allowing my clients to consistently get a return on their investment. I use a mix of techniques from the worlds of coaching, acting and energy psychology (or EFT)—if you ever have to speak in a business context, this process is for you.