Public Speaking and Presenting Programmes

Public Speaking and Presenting Programmes 2018-05-15T16:14:46+00:00

  1. Messaging & Market: clarity on your target market / audience and what’s important to them about your work / message. 1/2 day workshop
  2. Structure & Content: make your talk memorable (for you and your audience) with a simple structure and elegantly-crafted content. 1/2 day workshop
  3. Body: learn how to use your body (hands, eyes, legs, posture) for maximum ease and impact.  1/2 day workshop
  4. Voice: learn how to use your voice (power, pitch, pace, pause…) for macimum ease and impact. 1/2 day workshop
  5. Nerves: learn what happens in the brain and body, and how to manage nerves so they enhance rather than derail your performance. 1/2 day workshop


  1. Taster: This group intensive touches on all topics from workshops 1–5, giving you a broad groudning to kick-start your speaking journey. 1 day workshop
  2. One-to-One: Mindset is 80% of our success. I use coaching techniques and EFT (tapping) to help my successful clients up-level their speaking, confidence and impact.
  3. Putting it all together: If we’ve already worked together and you have a talk comin up, book a 1/2 day with me to put your talk through its paces, maximise your impact and achieve your desired outcomes.


  1. Groups: I work in small groups, creating a safe space to experiment with what it takes to deliver a great talk that has impact (and that ticks all the Cs—Connect, Communicate, Compel)
  2. 1-2-1: I tailor sessions to the individual and their desired outcomes
  3. VIPs: I deliver day-long, immersive experiences for those who want deep work that delivers fast results

Liz Balmford: Business Communications Coach

For more information on public speaking coaching, please contact me.

Liz is passionate about what she does and this is inspiring. However, it is her empathy and compassion for those whom she’s training that is most remarkable and makes the whole process authentic. It makes you feel you can achieve anything you put your mind to, guided by her leading light.

Jo, company owner

Liz brings an incredible creative energy to her training sessions. She is able to challenge effectively and provide insight to the group, steering them interactively and responding to each individual’s unique situation. I have found Liz’s training incredibly valuable and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Rachel, company owner

Liz is a dynamic trainer with an obvious passion for getting the most out of her clients. She is able to draw on her broad knowledge and wide experience to respond to each individual’s needs. I gained much more from the sessions than I anticipated.

Olivia, company owner