Stop fannying around… focus!

Stop fannying around… focus!

My bookkeeper is down to earth and rather forthright.  Last week when she was sorting out my accounts, we were chatting about my business.  I told her I love coaching and my clients get great results, I’d just like to do more of it.

She turned round in her chair, fixed me with her gaze and said, “Stop fannying around… focus!”


I have several strings to my bow, which provide me with several sources of income.  It’s a challenge for me to grow one, while I’m attending to another.  So her point was extremely valid.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been that forthright with a coaching client, but maybe I should.

We all have competing demands on our time, so it can be challenging to keep all our myriad plates spinning.  Yet, how many of us are also guilty of ‘fannying around’ on a daily basis?  I’m not talking about proper breaks, finishing work on time or taking a well-earned holiday.  I’m talking about undisciplined email-checking, Facebook / twitter mooching and spending another 30 minutes perfecting a report when it’s already ‘good enough’.

Your assignment:

Reflect honestly on how productive you are.  Being busy isn’t the same as being effective, so be brutal with yourself.

Be clear about where you’re going and what you want to achieve.  Plan your day, week, month, year (and decade, even) to help you get there.  Build in some time for things to go pear-shaped (that’s life — sometimes you just have to wait in for the plumber).  Build in time for breaks to rest and recuperate.  And go like stink the rest of the time.  By the time we’ve slept, eaten, travelled to and from work and gone to the gym, there are very few productive hours in the day, so we need to grab them and milk them for all they’re worth!

About the Author:

With a background in professional performing, singing teaching, marketing consultancy, public speaking, EFT and coaching, I am uniquely placed to help you improve your business performance.

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