Just get over yourself!

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A client of mine is also a friend. We saw each other at the weekend and apparently my comments about his work issue were slightly less than subtle. Allegedly I'd told him to get over himself. I can believe this. I'd been to lunch... I'd drunk some wine... you get the picture. It got me thinking [...]

Expressing Emotions

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Are you uncomfortable expressing emotions? Do you find it challenging when other people express theirs? Do you believe certain emotions shouldn't be expressed in public? I was working with a group of public speakers last week and the topic of expressing emotions came up. We broadly fell into two camps: The first group argued that expressing [...]

Maintaining Control vs. Building Trust

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Are you someone who tends to want to control things? Do you sometimes find it challenging heading up or delegating to a team? Do you ever find yourself working long hours sucked into the minutiae of things? My clients have brought all three of these subtly different scenarios to coaching with them this month. So called [...]

Perfection Epidemic

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Do you sometimes struggle to appreciate yourself for a job well done — tending to focus on the bits you didn't do well? Do you ever find yourself exhausted by trying to live up to your own high expectations? I come across this potentially damaging striving for perfection in many of my clients.  This, by the [...]