December Slow Down

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Are you about ready for a December slow down? We're in the final month of the year, the holidays make it a short month, 3 weeks of coasting seem like a good idea, right? Wrong! (Well, we're all different, so if you know a December slow down works for you, then go for it. I'm not [...]

Work-life balance dos and don’ts

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Striking a "healthy" balance between work and life can mean different things to different people. Some people thrive on being super-busy and love to respond to the increased pressure of a deadline. Research suggests that this can be healthy. However, when pressure is relentless, it can quickly become unhealthy. When thinking about your work-life balance, what [...]

Stay on track when distracted

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A client of mine recently had some news about her health. It's an ongoing situation, which can probably be managed, but might turn out to be serious. She's got quite a bit to process and has to invest time and energy in various activities in support of her short- and long-term health. In this situation, it [...]

Haven’t got time

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One of the functions of coaching is to have someone hold us accountable. Committing to certain actions or behaviours and then reporting progress at the next session can help us stay on track. If we only have to answer to ourselves, it's too easy to let things slide—but often just the thought of having to admit [...]

Time management conundrums: spontaneity vs. structure

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Lots of people tell me they have a problem with time management. My simplest response is, "Have a look at this article on planning your day and let me know how you get on." Fabulous! Yes, but... One of my clients doesn't like to schedule anything in advance. Meeting, project proposal, day out, dinner with friends—whatever [...]

Perfection Epidemic

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Do you sometimes struggle to appreciate yourself for a job well done — tending to focus on the bits you didn't do well? Do you ever find yourself exhausted by trying to live up to your own high expectations? I come across this potentially damaging striving for perfection in many of my clients.  This, by the [...]