Time off

Time off

  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re always busy but you’re not making much progress?
  • Do you ever feel exhausted from the conflicting demands in your life?
  •  Does it feel like you’re ‘firing on too few cylinders’ or ‘running on empty’?

It is said that we can either be in a state of expansion or a state of recovery — never both.  So sometimes we need to take some time to recover before we embark on another round of expansion.

So, what’s stopping us from ‘making like the French’ and taking the month of August off?  Maybe a two-week holiday and a two-week reflecting, goal-setting and planning session might help us get the most out of ourselves.

Sometimes we need a break, but it can be a logistical or financial challenge to take one.  But, consider the cost if we don’t do something to renew ourselves.  

Lots of my clients struggle with the concept of ‘put on your own oxygen mask first’.  But it’s just common sense, isn’t it?  If we can attend to our needs first — and ensure we’re taken care of, rested and renewed — we’ll be better able to attend to others’ needs. 

How can we shine our light (whether that be in business, for our family, or for ourselves) if our oil lamp is empty?  If we’re to be in a fit state to be productive in our daily lives, to feel happy and in control, we must learn to nurture ourselves and take time for recuperation.

Your assignment:

Take some time to consider what ‘fills your oil lamp’.  Sit quietly and write down all the things that rebuild your energy.  Two weeks in the Bahamas might help.  What about a long weekend on the coast, lunch with friends, or 10 minutes of daily meditation?  Work out what you need and work out what action you’ll take to get it.

Start with the list of things you could do to renew yourself, then write down the help you might need and / or the habits you’ll need to develop.  For example:

  • 10 minutes meditation — get up 10 minutes early Mon–Thu
  • Lie in once a week — ask sister to do the horses on a Friday
  • A weekend away every 3 months — speak to IFA re mortgage deal and save 5% of income for trips away

The attached worksheet might help.

Doing the exercises on my website could help you to move closer to your goals and improve your life. Sometimes we all need a little help, though … and self-coaching may not be enough. Friends and family might not always be able (or willing) to give you the support you need, and they may also be resistant to change.

A session with a professional life coach can help you to figure out what you really want … and how to go about getting it. Having someone on your side who will gently hold you accountable, and root for your success, can boost your confidence and make the process of change faster and more satisfying.

Whether it’s one-to-one or group coaching you’re drawn to, please get in touch with me to discuss options.

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