Singing Lessons

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  • Are you sometimes disappointed with your singing performance?
  • Do you wish you could land bigger roles?
  • Would you like the confidence to just ‘get up there and sing’?

If you’re like most singers, you love what you do; you also probably wish you had more confidence and access to techniques that would improve your performance.

I help people deliver their best performance. If you’re a musical theatre performer (actor, singer or dancer aged ten to 100), I can help you get more out of what you do and help you become more confident.

Whether it’s for an audition, musical, concert or play, I can help you:

  • Improve your vocal technique
  • Improve your visual delivery
  • Improve your performance ‘mindset’
  • Improve your personal presence
  • Please contact me to discuss training and coaching options.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone auditioning for stage / drama school
  • Anyone enjoying amateur dramatics
  • People who want to invest in themselves and have fun
  • Young, developing performers
  • Professional singers, actors and dancers

In my singing lessons I teach quite a technical method (borrowing from Estill and Speech Level Singing among others) because I believe technique is the foundation of a good vocal performance.  Providing you can sing in tune, you will almost certainly benefit from this sort of training. I also use EFT (also known as tapping) to help clear blocks to a free voice and fully-expressed performance.

I can also work with you to ensure your body language, personal presence and delivery are appropriate for the lyrics and context of the song.  A great performance is so much more than a great vocal — it’s about the whole package, so expressing the ‘drama’ of the piece is more important than delivering a perfect vocal… although being able to do both is nice!

Please contact me to discuss training and coaching options.

I’m based in Henley-on-Thames, so most of my students come from Oxfordshire, Berkshire or Buckinghamshire.

Concerts and workshops

I passionately believe in the power of performing, so I encourage my students to perform regularly.

The simple act of standing in front of people changes your performance— whether it be a song, a speech or a piece of prose— and the courage it takes can increase confidence, impacting on all areas of life.

Please get in touch if you’d like the opportunity to participate in a workshop or perform at a concert.

“We persuaded my daughter to sing the song she’s been working on last night.  She sang really beautifully. My husband—who’s been less involved and doesn’t hear her sing as much as I do—was really impressed with the difference in her singing technique and her confidence. Quite amazing after just three lessons! Thank you so much.”

Jacqui, proud mum

“I was singing to my Goddaughter last night and was yet again reminded of what a wonderful decision I made to ‘unlock’ my voice and gain the confidence to sing. It brings such joy to the littlies in my life — and joy to me to be able to share music with them. Thank you Liz Balmford.”

Libby, business analyst and amateur singer/actor

“Last week’s workshop really made me look deeper into the subconscious aspects of performing.  I hadn’t thought about this before and it was very useful.”

Corinne, HR professional and amateur singer

“Liz is a fantastic teacher; she explains everything really clearly and is so encouraging at all times. I had completely lost my nerve to perform in public, but thanks to Liz’s constant encouragement I am now back out performing regularly and have fronted a 16‐piece big band! I would highly recommend Liz’s 1:1 tuition and Musical Theatre courses; they are worth every penny and great fun!”

Kat, semi-professional singer

“I have so much fun every week; it’s fantastic stress relief. I tend to forget that I only ever used to sing quite quietly and never would have had the confidence to actually open my mouth and let some volume come out of it, but when I realise how far I’ve come since I started… it’s great.“

Libby, business analyst and amateur singer/actor

I really enjoyed learning about singing with Liz. She had loads of background on all the technical aspects and the performance side of things as well.

Kelly, amateur singer/actor

I’ve had a lot of singing teachers in my day but Liz has been one of the most fun, relaxing and helpful. I primarily went to Liz to brush up my voice and work on a few audition songs but ended up really enjoying the lessons, adding a bundle of songs to my list and some good singing exercises to boot. Even when I had a recall one time and needed an emergency gazillionth song for the auditioners she rose to the challenge without fuss and helped me find everything I needed for the next day.

Pete, professional dancer/actor

I feel that I have pushed myself to do more performing as a result of my sessions with Liz. I feel like I had a mind block with getting back on stage, due to a confidence knock. I am more driven now – due to facing some internal fears that have been buried for a while. It is also great support to have Liz to release to… there ‘aint no hiding!!

I am definitely challenging the demons in my personal life and I think that as a performer I am growing stronger because of this. I would say that this is not something that is to be taken lightly. You do have to be prepared to keep an open mind about yourself. Be prepared to open ‘Pandora’s Box’.

Naomi, professional singer