When you’re hot, you’re hot—your time to shine

When you’re hot, you’re hot—your time to shine

Do you ever have days (or weeks) when you feel a bit ‘meh’ and others when you’re on fire?

Do you allow yourself some down time on your less awesome weeks and capitalise on those times when you’re ‘hot’?

We’re people, not machines, so there are going to be times when we’re productive, efficient, innovative and creative… and times when we’re not. When you’re hot, you’re hot: when you’re not, you’re just not.

Doesn’t it make sense to go with the flow and allow ourselves time to slow down a little when we’re just not feeling it? I think of this like ‘awesomeness bank’ deposits and withdrawals; as long as we’ve made plenty of deposits when we’re feeling awesome, it’s fine to make some withdrawals (and coast a little) when we’re not.

Great. But how many of us really capitalise on those awesome times? How many of us truly stretch ourselves? Life can throw months (or even years) of tough times at us—times when we’re just not able to live up to our full potential. So on the days, weeks, months and years when we’re feeling good and have the ability to push our limits, are we going all out?

In my coaching practice (and in my own life) I witness the same excuses over and over: I’m not ready, I don’t know enough, I’ve got so much on, maybe when the kids are older, once I’ve completed this big project. Each individual is being reasonable and can justify staying small for a bit longer. But what if this is your time to shine? This moment. Right now.

The people who succeed are those who know when they’re on a roll and they keep rolling. They recognise that now is as good a time as any, they set commitments and they follow through.

Your Assignment:

Part One

  1. Make a habit of checking in with yourself to ask the question, “Am I hot or not?”
  2. If the answer that comes back is, “not so hot”, ease up and find ways to renew yourself. If the answer is, “Sizzling!” proceed to part two.

Part Two

  1. Identify some things that might help you shift up a gear or three(!) this month. Ask yourself: “What could stretch me? What might transform my results? What could I borrow from someone else who’s successful? How could I model their behaviour? What’s stopping me? How might I reduce the things that stop me? Where’s my energy? What feels good? Where do I feel flow?
  2. Choose one or two things from your answers and keep doing them all month.
  3. Notice your results and do more of what’s working.
  4. Repeat ad infinitum.

Remember, this is your time to shine!

About the Author:

With a background in professional performing, singing teaching, marketing consultancy, public speaking, EFT and coaching, I am uniquely placed to help you improve your business performance.

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